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EverWebinar is a new Evergreen Webinar tool for companies to organize online automated webinars.  Essentially create the buzz of events where they can engage with their prospects, potential and real clients without the need to be connected. According to the founders of EverWebinar, Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, it offers 6 strategies that automate daily sales and profits for the following 4 types of business:

-The ones who are starting a business, know what kind of product they want to sell or those trying to bring their product from offline to online sales.
-Companies or individuals that started their business, but got stuck, or those adding new products to their lineup
-No-mans-land: businesses that got too big to do it alone, but not making enough profit to hire more people.
Professionals, consultants or coaches, that already have existing clients and don’t have time to look for new leads.

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More on EverWebinar review

Although the product itself seems to be rather innovative and well designed, it’s evident that the authors are targeting an older audience. For those, who already have one or many businesses, but are not as tech savvy as the new generation of digital age entrepreneurs, EverWebinar comes as a new great opportunity to scale and expand their businesses to new markets or geographies.

Right after signing up on the website an EverWebinar Automated Event Marketing Training email is sent out – the first one in series of articles and videos that are believed to cover the best strategies and tips the founders of EverWebinar learned about creating and marketing a fully automated event.

The unique selling point of the EverWebinar is the combination of two marketing tools that are likely to work great together: events and automation. Therefore, the founders of the product suggest the use of a traditional tool, helping to organize webinars through WebinarJam – another product from the same authors. The drill is to record it and then simply automate it, letting the attendants choose convenient hours for participating in it. By doing so, they assure that it’s almost impossible to tell if the webinar is live or recorded, as it broadcasts live streaming of the chat messages of the real attendants of the event. Also, there is an option of uploading a webinar video.

The EverWebinar website is a landing page demonstrating how to scale your business through automated webinars and evergreen webinars; at the prelaunch stage it’s not providing  much information but the videos that load automatically after signing up on the website. After watching the videos (just 2 videos available, so far) the user gets stuck as there is no evident button for the one to sign up to the program or affiliate program. However, the launch date for EverWebinar is set for the 10th of December. Instead, you are offered either to leave a comment, read reviews left by other users or to share the page in the social media.  But soon, you’ll be sent to the add to cart page where for a limited time you’ll get the discount

A quick overview of the people leaving comments confirms that the target audience is the generation of entrepreneurs that are not quite familiar with the information technologies. The website itself with its bright colors, various fonts using bold, italics and underlining styles, reminds simple webpages of the early stages of the internet era, with the only exception of having now high resolution on-page videos and social media sharing buttons.

Almost all the links on the bottom of the page lead to the WebinarJam website – a tool for creating live webinars, which the EverWebinar can be incorporated with, and just one link “Affiliates” leads to a launch information page with a bunch of unstructured information, low quality images and graphs, automatically playing videos and hundreds of comments from excited users.



But maybe you just want to be an affiliate for the product itself?

Sign up here

Features and benefits, you can also sign up for affiliate program 
In addition to their innovative product the founders of the EverWebinar have created an Affiliate program giving the users an opportunity to get commissions from the visitors.


As a part of the Affiliate promotion program, EverWebinar offers them the following features:
– Email updates, through which they provide them with the latest important information regarding the launch.
– Affiliate links – special promotional links for the affiliates
– On time swipes – emails swipes and links
– Daily cash prize updates, letting the affiliates get all the details on the cash and prizes
– High converting landing pages
– Cart pages
– Live webinars
Also, every user, as an affiliate, can get 24/7 assistance from the employees of the company with any issue, regarding checking statistics, payouts, leaderboard updates, etc.


In addition to the commissions, based on the EPC (Earning Per Click), Affiliates get access to the special Affiliate prizes, that are paid to those who brings more visitors to the websites and completes the requirements established by the EverWebinar during the pre-launch promotion that closes on the 18th of December:
– mailing 5 times during cart open over the 9 days;
– 2 of those emails must be in the last 48 hours;
– 2 pre-launch emails to qualify.
According to the video explaining the bonus system, there will be 20 winners, the first three of which will get special prizes and the rest would receive different gadgets, such as iPad or Amazon Fire TV, that will be paid out on or before February 15th, 2016. Commissions are promised to be available to the Affiliates 5 to 6 weeks after payment by customer.

Also, comp copies are given during pre-launch to anyone who has made top 25 of any other launch and can prove that, sending 250 leads and/or 1000 clicks during pre-launch and committing to make the Top 25.

Although, the authors mention that those terms are subject to change.
The authors of the program have also a special list of rules for the affiliates, for instance, in cases where an affiliate has a single sale to themselves, commission will not be paid on that sale.

Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins are webinar product developers, founders of the WebinarJam, a platform for organizing live webinars, and EverWebinar, a technology that makes event automation possible.



But heck, you don’t want to JV and promote them you just want to scale your business up!  That’s fine, still there are alot of benefits!

PROs of this evergreen webinar platform:

Promising innovative product
Possibility to record and automate webinars created via WebinarJam tool
Fun videos, stylised like news
Precise targeting – authors reach their target audience
Great  integration with such tools as ClockFunnels


Really non unless your not a fan of making more money and influencing more people on automated webinars that engage.


And maybe your sick of other other webinar tools out there that are either

  • Abundant and unstructured information
  • Frustrating User Experience and User Interface
  • Unnecessary complexity
  • Lack of engagement – very poorly developed social media pages, comments from actual clients without answers.
  • Looped links (when clicking on the swipes link you get to the same page)
  • Only about sales – I’ve got an impression that the users are focused and excited more about the promotion of the product because of the commissions than in the product itself.Then Everwebinar and its simple interface might be just for you


Q: The mistakes you may be making?

A: Solved by everwebinar

Here I explain why you might be making these mistakes:



The product itself and the idea seem rather promising and have a great potential to get success among younger and more tech savvy audience, but should be re-targeted and promoted in a smarter and more accurate way, using modern innovative online marketing tools and channels.  Then again if you like what Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins have done in the past or want to start scaling your business up This might just be the product for you!



Want more videos on exactly how its gonna help you?

Everwebinar Video 1

Everwebinar Video 2

Everwebinar Video 3

They said NOTHING converts as well as Live Webinars…


That may have been the case a month ago…


Until Everwebinar!


Because either it takes your time, or it’s Everwebinar



In Video 3 you’ll learn :

  • How to you can improve conversions 40-50% on squeeze pages with no sales knowledge to speak of

  • How to improve and make Split Testing easy

  • How Automatated Webinars can flow smoothly and make Huge Evergreen  profits

  • How you can turn your biz hands free with everything from e-mails, to  text messages, to replays.

  • How to build your list faster than any other method and how the software integrates with every solution on the plane

  • That’s just a sneak peak check it out

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Video 3: EverWebinar Bonus

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